The Fragrances to Wear All Summer


Forget what you’ve heard about buying the “right” fragrance for you. You swap out your tie wardrobe, outerwear wardrobe, and suit wardrobe with the changing season. So why should you be spraying that wintry musky scent during the year’s warmest months? (The logic just clicked for you, didn’t it?)

As a general rule, go for evergreen, citrus, and slightly floral fragrances. In a word: fresh. Here, four of our picks for smelling fresh until Labor Day.

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Four Top Places for Seafood in Boston


With a city so close to the shore, it’s no wonder it’s our pick for No. 1 Seafood City in America. When you dive into a bowl of the famed clam chowder, your mind will blank. You’ll forget any misperceptions you had of Boston. All that talk of Tom Brady’s deflated balls and the smaht kids up in Cambridge will vanish. Instead, you’ll be solely focused on the creamy comfort in front of you.

When you come up for air, prepare for your next seafood adventure. Here, we round up the 4 seafood spots to hit while you’re in Beantown.

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How to Find Perfect-Fitting Swim Trunks


Swim trunks: A summer essential, but so damn hard to get right. Somewhere between long, baggy cargo shorts and skimpy versions that show too much man thigh lays the perfect pair. It’s worth seeking, so you can hit the beach, pool, and rooftop cabana with your manhood in tact. Here’s how to find that elusive perfect pair.

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The Equation for an Awesome Summer Look


Now’s as good a time as any to dive headfirst into summer. The season should be oozing from everything you eat, drink and wear. And when it comes to dressing, we’ve created an equation to achieving an awesome summer look, every time. We may not be mathematicians—but luckily, this is one problem even you can’t screw up. Take a look.

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Soundtrack to the season


Each summer, a new set of tunes comes our way. These songs set the barometer for the playlist of the summer and each season, there are a few songs that trump the rest. While that’s to be determined long after Labor Day, we felt we’d channel our inner Calvin Harris and put together some of the songs that will be guiding us through the next few months. We all have certain tracks that bring us back to a specific time and place: a past love, a lazy Sunday joyride, and the perfect first date. Here are the songs that will hopefully create new memories for the Summer of 2015. Jump in, let’s go.

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In The Know: Mezcal, Your New Drink Order


We’ll take 12 ounces of a local craft brew any day. Heck, we won’t turn down a Bud Light. But when it comes to choosing a cocktail, nothing delivers more than mezcal. One sip of the undeniably boozy, agave-based spirit, and you’ll have your new order. When cocktail beginners pony up to the bar to meekly order a whiskey sour, ask the bartender for mezcal and share a you-know-what’s-up nod.

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