Get the Look: Don Draper Accessories


Don Draper: The ad man, the philandering husband, the part-time father. The one we’ll have to say goodbye to come Sunday’s “Mad Men” series finale.

Sure—he may be mysterious, but one thing’s crystal clear, the man’s got style. And we want to help you steal it. Don’t worry, guys—spoilers not included.

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The Trend We’re Into: Khaki

As temperatures begin to climb north, the task of transitioning your closet from cold weather armor to warm weather digs rears its ugly head.
While every year the typical rules apply—light colors, lightweight fabrics, yada yada yada—there’s one piece of clothing we can’t seem to get enough of. This spring, kick your wardrobe into high gear and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll put your money on navy’s underrated cousin: khaki.

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Instagrammers you should already be following

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 2.03.42 PM

Some guys just make it look so damn easy. For the rest of us we need a little help.

While scrolling through people’s regular Instagram posts of food, fitness updates, and beachside sunsets you’ve likely stumbled upon some of these guys. And for those days where you just can’t wrap your head around what to wear, let them be your guide. Trust us, everyone on this list has our official style seal of approval.

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#MCM: Eugene Tong


Known for mixing street style with high fashion, there’s no better guy to kick off our #ManCrushMonday series than Eugene Tong. The Details magazine style director faces fashion head on every day. But the way he mixes statement pieces with an urban edge gives him style that’s all his own. Steal some of it here.

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Nice Tie, Bro

New York City, it’s time for a makeover. The Tie Bar team took to the road in our tricked out ’63 Volkswagen Bus (and yes, it was as fun to drive as it looked) to smarten up New Yorkers one tie at a time. With the help of our trusty sidekick, Vanity Fair’s Fashion Market Editor Michael Carl, we hit up Wall Street and Bryant Park to find guys in need of an upgrade, and this is the chaos that ensued….