Ten Songs From The 70s We Love Bringing Back Around


Ah, the 70s—so much greatness rolled up into one decade. We’re instantly reminded of The Godfather, swanky men’s fashion, that burnt orange and brown floral sofa (you know, the one that’s still sitting in grandma’s living room to this day), and epic hits by legends like Led Zeppelin and Queen. Read on to find out which ten songs top our list of favorites from this memorable era.

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Soundtrack to the season


Each summer, a new set of tunes comes our way. These songs set the barometer for the playlist of the summer and each season, there are a few songs that trump the rest. While that’s to be determined long after Labor Day, we felt we’d channel our inner Calvin Harris and put together some of the songs that will be guiding us through the next few months. We all have certain tracks that bring us back to a specific time and place: a past love, a lazy Sunday joyride, and the perfect first date. Here are the songs that will hopefully create new memories for the Summer of 2015. Jump in, let’s go.

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