Jeans and Jackets: The Rules to Play By


You’ve heard us say it before, but we repeat—suits, sport coats and blazers are some of the most important staples found in a man’s wardrobe. On your way to the top, we can bet that menswear has left you scratching your head more than once. A constant string of questions that always leave you wondering: Does my shirt match my tie? Am I required to match my belt to my shoes? Will anyone even notice my patterned socks? And, what can I pair this brand-new sport coat with?

Once you can pick a suit jacket, sport coat or blazer out of a lineup, you’re ready for the next task: to denim or not to denim. The good news is, the rules are pretty easy. So get ready, today we’re schooling you on what the lower half should be wearing if you’ve opted for a suit jacket, sport coat or blazer.

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