Travel Smart: The Top Five Ways to Pack like a Pro


Going somewhere? Whether you’re an experienced jet setter or amateur traveler, packing’s one step that can’t be avoided. But next time, lean on us and the in-the-moment expletives can be.

Shed Your Procrastinating Ways
We get it, you’re busy and packing can be, and usually is, a drag. Know what’s equally unpleasant? The stress of racing the clock (oh, and arriving at your destination without a single pair of underwear). Take it from us—think ahead, pack early and avoid stuffing your luggage with only the items passed by on your way out the door.

Be Basic (To Some Extent)

Yes, you read that right. One of the smartest travel moves you’ll make is to enlist those often called-upon wardrobe staples (i.e. solid sweaters and button-up shirts, a navy blazer, your wear-with-anything tie bar). Why? They’re extremely versatile, so you can easily swap them in and out whenever the mood strikes.

Worried your look will feel stale by day three? Once your go-to pieces are tucked away, grab a handful of statement accessories (like a kick-ass floral tie and flannel plaid square) to take along for the ride. Tap in these small, lightweight accessories to refresh your day-to-day looks.


Lighten Your Load
Struggling to manhandle your luggage into the overhead bin won’t impress anyone (sorry, guys) and will quickly make you wish you’d traded those sharp but hefty wingtips for a lightweight pair of loafers. Overpacking is a rookie mistake—and this is where those previously mentioned basics get all the glory. Take only what you need (and make sure these items don’t push you over the 50 lb. limit).

Roll Out
Now that you’ve established which items to bring, pledge to ditch the wrinkles. Folding? That’s a thing of the past (well, kinda). The future? Rolling. Rolling up jeans and other casual pants doubles down by saving you space and time spent ironing later on—like we said, win/win.

Here’s how: Fold your pants in half so that the pockets are facing out, then tightly roll from the bottom up. For button-up shirts and blazers, neatly fold and place on top of the layer of rolled items.

Make Yourself Comfortable
When traveling, we strongly believe the level of comfort should be at an all-time high. Make this a reality with our so-soft-you’ll-brag-about-them socks.