Six Essentials For Hitting The Road


Driving straight ahead with just a vague idea of where you’re going, that’s what freedom feels like. This summer, hit the road, but first stock up on these road trip essentials to make it enjoyable and not a series of, “oh shit, I forgot…” statements. Find out what made our must-bring list.

1) Audio book: No matter if you’re with your girlfriend or a car full of buddies, keep an audio book downloaded on your phone for when conversation dulls or tensions rise. Might we recommend Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs?” The 656-page book flies by when you’re behind the wheel.

2) Sunglasses: Squinting at the road is going to get old real fast. Instead, keep Warby Parker Downing glasses on-hand for the happy medium between form and function.

1000x5003) Water bottle: You know the importance of hydration. But, it’s a hell of a lot harder to practice if your beverage has been heated up by the summer sun. Buy one of these guys from Contigo. It’ll keep your iced tea, Sunkist, whatever you’re drinking cool for up to 18 hours.

4) Comfy socks: Crank your comfort up to an all-time high (it comes with the territory) and show your feet some love with our so-soft-you’ll-brag-about-them socks.


5) Weekend bag: Toss all of your out-of-the-car essentials (clothes, toothbrush, swim trunks, sneakers) in the Filson Small Duffle. We’re fans of its everything-resistant twill base, baring brass hardware and leather straps fit for a king.


6) Sunscreen: Windows down with one arm out the window is the fastest way to a really fucked-up suntan. Try Jack Black’s Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45 Oil-Free & Very Water Resistant for all the protection without the greasiness.


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