The Fragrances to Wear All Summer


Forget what you’ve heard about buying the “right” fragrance for you. You swap out your tie wardrobe, outerwear wardrobe, and suit wardrobe with the changing season. So why should you be spraying that wintry musky scent during the year’s warmest months? (The logic just clicked for you, didn’t it?)

As a general rule, go for evergreen, citrus, and slightly floral fragrances. In a word: fresh. Here, four of our picks for smelling fresh until Labor Day.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Cynefin

If you normally brush off light, fresh fragrances, this one’s going to make you think again. On first sniff, you’ll take in herbal scents. Stick around, and you’ll get notes of lavender and crushed violet. This isn’t your girlfriend’s fragrance though. A hint of masculine leather comes through in the end, but chances are she’ll still want to steal it anyway.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Casual Chic

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you need to ditch the woodsy scents altogether. Just layer the sandalwood in with light notes of ginger and juniper for a refreshing and slightly spicy scent.


Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune


Nothing says summer quite like a bright-colored Lacoste polo. And nothing goes better with said summer preppster gear than this recently released fragrance from Lacoste. You know those summer beach days that you wish you could bottle up and take home? Consider this—with fresh grapefruit and apple notes—that bottle of sunshine. And yes, you can take it home.=

Odin New York Vert Reseda


Not only will the pure white bottle look modern on your bathroom counter, the fragrance on the inside packs that same cleanness, courtesy of floral notes—thinks peonies and water gardenias—mellowed out by incense for one all around soft, pure, dewy scent.



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