How to Find Perfect-Fitting Swim Trunks


Swim trunks: A summer essential, but so damn hard to get right. Somewhere between long, baggy cargo shorts and skimpy versions that show too much man thigh lays the perfect pair. It’s worth seeking, so you can hit the beach, pool, and rooftop cabana with your manhood in tact. Here’s how to find that elusive perfect pair.

Don’t be afraid to lose an inch or two

Maybe you’re used to wearing your swim trunks just above the knee. This summer, dare to inch a little higher, ideally having them hit a couple of inches above the knee. We promise you: It’s more flattering than it sounds.

Our recommendation: Orlebar Brown Bulldog 

Always choose drawstring

It provides a little more give, so you won’t be battling pronounced love handles or uncomfortable elastic digging into your side.

Our recommendation: Faherty Classic Boardshorts


Skinny guys should go for narrow

Too much extra fabric is going to make it look like you borrowed your trunks from your dad. A narrow leg, on the other hand, actually plays down your thin frame for a better fit.

Our recommendation: Vineyard Vines School of Fish Swim Trunks

Have fun with it

You’re in a fantasyland filled with bikinis where a 10 a.m. cocktail is more than acceptable. It doesn’t get better, so go ahead and have fun with your style. Floral prints, polka dots, and bold stripes are all fair game here. Like Lebron James-level game.

Our recommendation: Saturdays Coral Print


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