Four Top Places for Seafood in Boston


With a city so close to the shore, it’s no wonder it’s our pick for No. 1 Seafood City in America. When you dive into a bowl of the famed clam chowder, your mind will blank. You’ll forget any misperceptions you had of Boston. All that talk of Tom Brady’s deflated balls and the smaht kids up in Cambridge will vanish. Instead, you’ll be solely focused on the creamy comfort in front of you.

When you come up for air, prepare for your next seafood adventure. Here, we round up the 4 seafood spots to hit while you’re in Beantown.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

There’s nothing quite like rolling up to the bar at 3 p.m. to indulge in a class of wine and a dozen oysters. Don’t get lost in the space’s open airiness. One wall is filled with thousands of oyster shells waiting for you to gawk at.

Row 34

Any place that immediately states, “If we could eat oysters and drink beer for every meal period, we probably would,” on its website is one of ours. Row 34 is a sister restaurant to Island Creek Oyster Bar with a killer patio and an everyman ambiance.

Loyal Nine

Venture up to East Cambridge to stop by the recently opened hotspot Loyal Nine, and buckle up for a culinary trip through New England. On the menu you’ll find Rhode Island squid next to yellow eye beans from Maine. Pro tip: Enter the café on the side, across from the train tracks.

SELECT Oyster Bar

Every local Bostonian knows to avoid Back Bay’s touristy restaurants. But, we’re here to tell you you’d be missing out. SELECT Oyster Bar opened in the ‘hood this spring and quickly rose to the top of our must-try list. Swing by to take on a whole roasted sea bream alongside a Hemingway-inspired cocktail, a nod to the chef-owner’s hometown in Cuba.


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