Back to the Future – 30th Anniversary


Thirty years ago (shit, it’s really been that long?) Marty McFly hopped into a kick-ass, plutonium-fueled DeLorean and took us to 1955. Virtually every kid in the 80’s had this gem in their VHS rotation.

To celebrate the flick’s anniversary, we took a quick inventory of memorable, cool shit that the July 3, 1985’s release of BttF bestowed upon us. Hop in and re-live the magic.

To Name A Few:
Michael J. Fox’s peak performance; orange down vests (aka “life preservers”); a DeLorean complete with gull-wing doors; George McFly; the Flux Capacitor; stone-washed jeans; skateboard car surfing; the original “MILF” Lorraine; 88mph; one Enchantment Under the Sea Dance; and last but not least, Biff (complete with a manure bath).

Honorable Mentions:
Spielberg’s brilliance; Huey Lewis & the News; and a movie scene where the main protagonist stages frisky behavior with his own mother so that dad can save the day and show mom that he has balls (quite the scene for impressionable kids).

Bonus Trivia:
Question: What is the significance of Marty running over a pine tree in Old Man Peabody’s lawn?

Answer: Twin Pines Mall becomes Lone Pine Mall



Photo Credits: Back to the Future, Universal Studios