The Equation for an Awesome Summer Look


Now’s as good a time as any to dive headfirst into summer. The season should be oozing from everything you eat, drink and wear. And when it comes to dressing, we’ve created an equation to achieving an awesome summer look, every time. We may not be mathematicians—but luckily, this is one problem even you can’t screw up. Take a look.

It’s easy. This great summer look (the one you’ve heard so much about) =
Lightweight Fabrics  +  Light-Colored Ties  +  A Standout Belt  +  Your Go-To Shoes

Lightweight Fabrics
When dressing, take into account the summer heat wave (i.e. lightweight shirting, suiting and when it comes to accessories, tag in cotton, linen or non-hefty silk).

Light-Colored Ties
We’ve got plenty of ways to get some color (so why the hell not?).

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A Stand-Out Belt
One easy move can instantly make an often overlooked accessory an ultimate statement piece. Unsure of today’s rules for sporting a belt? Read up.



Your Go-To Shoes
One piece of advice: Stick with a trusty neutral that goes with anything.