What We’re Doing in July


July is here—and right off the bat, we’re giving you 5 things to look forward to. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Listen: Tame Impala’s “Currents”

When the Australian band’s third album drops on July 17, expect it to be a boundary-breaker with more dance beats than their previous albums. They’re still rocking a psych vibe though. Case in point: In the music video for the album’s first single, “Cause I’m a Man,” you’ll see the band mates replaced by puppets playing the tune “live.” Trippy. Totally weird. But, we’re into it.


Read: “The Martian” by Andy Weir

If you haven’t heard of Andy Weir’s first published novel, consider this the first of many mentions. The plot follows an astronaut stranded on Mars as he taps into his resourcefulness to fight for survival. Reviewers have dubbed it the best sci-fi novel in years. And this fall, it’ll hit the big screen starring Matt Damon. So there’s that.


Download: HotelTonight

Next time you’re pondering what to do with your weekend, fire up HotelTonight. The app’s not new—it’s been around since 2010 to help travelers book last-minute hotel rooms at better-than-average rates. It’s worth a download now, though, because the latest update includes an HT Escape feature, which scours locations within driving distance to inspire a summer weekend adventure.


Watch: “Mission Impossible”

A whole lot’s changed since the first “Mission Impossible” came out in 1996. You’ll see what we mean when you settle into your seat and take in the motorcycle car chases and rapid gunfire in all of their IMAX glory on July 31. For this go around, Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Ferguson join Tom Cruise to take down an international organization known for ruling by force.


Celebrate: Fourth of July

Whether you’re taking in a killer fireworks display or firing up a little backyard barbecue, we’re making it easy to show off your patriotism. Throw a pocket square into your blazer pocket or wear your stars on your tie. Or call on the No. 1 rule for looking summery in any occasion: When in doubt, go for gingham.

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