Ten Ways to Survive Wedding Season (and Maybe Even Enjoy It)


The often dreaded wedding season is well underway—and you guessed it, ditching your bud’s big day isn’t encouraged. For the guy whose fridge is currently decorated with invites, we give you our 10 best tips for surviving wedding season.

1. Don’t cross the bride. Ever.

2. Get groomed. Weddings are one occasion where it’s 100% necessary to clean up nice, so take control of all untamed hair from the neck up.

3. Avoid being caught sporting the same accessories every time. Instead, navigate the stack of invites with a new tie (or more) for each event.

4. And with our help, do it without spending a fortune.

5. If your neckwear of choice is a bow tie, make it count by learning to tie it yourself (practice makes perfect).

6. Choose your garb wisely. Know your weddings and what’s appropriate (or not). When in doubt, overdress for the occasion.

7. Hint: Too small is never appropriate. Always try on your suit/tux before the big day. Looking like you borrowed your little cousin’s clothes is never a good look, trust us.

8. Sweat much? It’s bound to be warm, so keep a cotton pocket square handy. Chances are, your brow will need it.

9. While discouraged during the ceremony, do work up a sweat on the dance floor. Take the groom’s grandmother for a spin—spending five minutes with her may score you fifteen minutes with a bridesmaid later on.

10. And speaking of the dance floor, don’t be the first to lose a piece of clothing. It’s better to be remembered for the look you arrive in (not for the look you leave in).