What We’re Doing in June


Summer has arrived. Here are 5 ways to make the most of the month.

Listen: Of Monsters and Men’s “Beneath the Skin”

It’s quite the task to follow up a hit like 2012’s “Little Talks.” But, Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men is up for the challenge. On the indie group’s just-released album, you’ll hear familiar pop-infused melodies and more than a handful of nature references that carry over from their 2012 debut. This time, though, things have gotten a little edgier and even more emotional, with electric guitar riffs and soul-searching lyrics.


Read: What is Code? By Paul Ford

If seeing things like <head> and </b> confuse the shit out of you, set aside some time to dive into Paul Ford’s coding story. The 40,000-word behemoth will bring you up to speed on what the hell coding is and why you need to know. And the online version is scattered with videos and interactive graphics to make the 40,000 words fly by.


Download: Flipd

Free yourself from the time suck that is your smart phone. Instead of endless group texts and constant social media pings, call on Flipd to take over. The free Android app (iOS version coming soon, we hear) acts as a lock from distractions. It’ll shoot off auto-reply texts to let your friends know you’re busy, so you’re free to focus on whatever is in front of you, whether it’s a first date or a work presentation.


Watch: “Jurassic World”

“Jurassic Park” fans, the wait is over. The fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise was 10 years in the making. And with 3D dinosaurs and Chris Pratt’s promotion to big-time actor, it delivers. Check out our full review here.


Celebrate: Father’s Day

He never let you down when you needed someone to play a pickup game of basketball or extra muscle to move into your new apartment. Celebrate him with one of our top Father’s Day gifts.


Image Credit: Billboard.com