Back to the Park: Our Official Jurassic World Review (Chill Out, it’s Spoiler Free)


Over here at The Tie Bar, we’re big fans of Jurassic Park—if you follow us on social media, then that announcement will come as no surprise. It’s been a big topic of conversation amongst our home office the past few weeks, both the rehashing of original scenes and speculation as to whether the new chapter will hold up. Seeing as it’s been 22 years since the original’s release and 14 years since the last sequel, we’ve kept our fingers crossed that they would get it right. Rest easy, because Jurassic World is the sequel that Jurassic Park fans have been waiting for.

Where chapters two and three unsuccessfully tried to replicate the magic of the original, this third sequel both steps away from the trilogy’s narrative and tone—the second island isn’t mentioned at all—while paying homage to the original concept. This is Jurassic Park for the social media inundated, app-crazed era of millennials who ultimately just want a fast-paced, popcorn-friendly, roller coaster ride of fun (and, boy, does the film deliver). Sweeping aerial shots of this fully functioning dinosaur Disney Land? (Check) Calculating raptors? (Check) Dangerous dinos on land, sea and air? (Check, Check and Check) From the second we re-heard the first notes of the now infamous theme music, we were hooked.

Despite Jurassic World being a sequel, it feels both fresh and nostalgic at the same time. Exploring new territory while never forgetting where it came from—this is the type of blockbuster that reminds us what great summer movies are all about. Nerd rant over.

We give Jurassic World 3 out of 4 bow ties.

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