The New Belt Rules


This season, we’ve got our eyes on belts. And in case you haven’t noticed, the game has changed (as we see it, for the better). So buckle up, we’re here to lay down the law and make sure you—and your belt situation—come out on top.

1) Mismatch (at least a little). Forget those years you fell victim to the “your belt must match your shoes” myth. We’ll loop you in on a little secret, it’s A-OK if they aren’t cut from the same cloth—but keep in mind, the belt’s trim and your shoes should fall within the same color family (it’s just good manners).

2) Texturize. Recruit unique textures, like wool, canvas and suede, as a solid way to make things a little more interesting from the waist down.

3) Accept that suede is the new leather. Don’t get us wrong, leather belts are still acceptable—but a good suede belt can take you a hell of a long way.


4) Let your belt do the talking (while it does all the work). Give this hardworking accessory the upper hand by saying yes to bold patterns and colors. One easy move can instantly make an often overlooked accessory an ultimate statement piece.


5) Don’t go overboard. We love changing up our accessories as much as the next guy, but this option isn’t realistic for everyone. Instead of buying a belt for every day of the week, put your money where your mouth is and invest in a versatile number that can withstand anything. Trust us, a belt for every occasion isn’t necessary—if you choose the right one.