Why She’s Cool: Eva Chen


You know you’re a trendsetter when frequent shots of your shoes (#evachenpose) spread out in the back of the cab clock more than 5,000 Instagram likes.

Chalk that as a win for Eva Chen, the endlessly stylish, all-time-cool brains behind the latest era of Lucky Magazine. If you haven’t heard of her, chances are your girlfriend has. And follows her on social media, too.

Chen wears Chanel as smoothly as Birkenstock, and posts about it along the way. Her trailblazing goes beyond putting killer outfits together. When she took over at Lucky, she became the first Asian-American editor-in-chief at powerhouse publisher Condé Nast. And also one of the youngest.

Eva1 Eva2Eva3 Eva4

In April, Chen took to none other than Twitter to announce it was time for her to leave Lucky after two years at the helm. No word yet on where she’ll land, but there’s no doubt she’ll do so in eye-catching heels.

Image Credit: The New Potato and Eva Chen