The spring season’s well underway and we admit, it can be a tricky one. Dressing for warmer weather requires a plan of attack, so take note of these five helpful tips (and equip yo’ self).

1. Embrace layers. Often fooled by the fifteen degree difference that separates your morning commute and afternoon meetings? Not for long. Be prepared to lose your jacket post-lunch (or maybe earlier) and replace it again by the time you’re leaving happy hour.

2. Roll up your sleeves. Now how high you roll ’em is personal preference, but we’re prone to stopping just below the elbow. And while you’re at it, cuff your pants and show the world how you do spring socks.

3. Lighten up. Opt for lightweight fabrics (like cotton or linen) to give your body some much-needed breathing room and light colors to avoid sweating the lunchtime stroll (literally).


4. Go sockless—or close enough. Let your ankles see the light of day with our no-show socks.

5. Top off your wardrobe by investing in a guy-friendly hat. Whether bucket, panama or baseball, avoiding the sun (and a sunburn) is always the best option.