The Trend We’re Into: Khaki

As temperatures begin to climb north, the task of transitioning your closet from cold weather armor to warm weather digs rears its ugly head.
While every year the typical rules apply—light colors, lightweight fabrics, yada yada yada—there’s one piece of clothing we can’t seem to get enough of. This spring, kick your wardrobe into high gear and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll put your money on navy’s underrated cousin: khaki.

What makes khaki the color of champions, you ask?
1) It’s easy to dress up or down. Unlike black, khaki suits are flexible and can exude whichever vibe you’re aiming for—casual, office appropriate or dare we say it, formal.
2) It’s suitable for all occasions (no pun intended). Due to the versatility of the color and the wide range of shades available, a khaki suit can (and will) take you anywhere. Leave no weekend outing, summer wedding or business meeting unturned.
3) Its neutral foundation allows it to be easily paired with pretty much any color in your wardrobe. Consider this a great way to get more bang for your buck.
4) Its light coloring automatically makes it a great option for the spring and summer seasons. Try these options to get you started on the khaki suit trend:
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Trust us, khaki lends itself to be effortlessly badass—so go ahead and let it creep into your life, one suit at a time
Image Credit: Moti Ankari & Blake Scott