Get the Look: Don Draper Accessories


Don Draper: The ad man, the philandering husband, the part-time father. The one we’ll have to say goodbye to come Sunday’s “Mad Men” series finale.

Sure—he may be mysterious, but one thing’s crystal clear, the man’s got style. And we want to help you steal it. Don’t worry, guys—spoilers not included.

First up, let’s talk ties. Rarely will you catch Don without one and there’s a reason for it. He always looks pulled together for impromptu client meetings and, in the skinny styles of the ’60s, refreshingly mod. To get the look, start by adding these three to your lineup.

1) For Work: Nothing says “Mad Men”-era style quite like a slim repp stripe tie. This one features blue mixed with marsala tones sure to fit right in on the “Mad Men” set.

2) For Black Tie: Ever the classic man, you’re not likely to find Don in a loud paisley bow tie. Instead, it’s a simple solid bow tie all the way, untied at the end of the night by whomever his bedmate might be.

EditorStripe Bow_8


3) For Vacation: At the start of season 6, Don and Megan jet off to Hawaii and their style choices follow suit. Instead of a solid gray suit, Don lightens up with Hawaiian print shirts and floral swim trunks. Capture that same island vibe with this floral tie.


Now, take it a step further by adding a few finishing touches, like aviator sunglasses, a fedora hat and a basic pocket square to complete the look. Because if there’s one thing we learned from Don Draper (other than napping on the job is a great way to wait for genius to strike), it’s that accessories are what it’s all about.