6 Things To Do February 5 That Don’t Involve the Super Bowl


Football viewership plummeted this year. Maybe it was because we were all distracted by who’d take office on January 20. Or maybe we were just over the concussion-causing sport. Either way, we’d venture a guess at what you’re not doing on February 5 (that’s Super Bowl Sunday for those who’ve really lost touch with America’s favorite pastime). Here, a few ideas of what to do instead.

  1. Snag a table at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Bonus: Your date will think you’re a saint since unless her team’s in the game, chances are she doesn’t care either.
  2. Go see a movie. “La La Land” cleaned up at the Golden Globes. And seeing it when the rest of the country is digging their paws into taco dip means you’ll have a chance to spread out.
  3. Make a complicated dish. If you don’t want to miss out on the social part of the Super Bowl, you can ignore what’s happening on the TV and busy yourself in the kitchen with some bacon, mushroom, and spinach pirogues or spicy chicken wings. Your buddies will cut the criticism once they realize they’re reaping the benefits.
  4. Buy a car. Seriously, the dealer is probably ready to negotiate since he wants to rush home by kickoff.
  5. Hit the touristy spots in your town. With all the tourists back in their hotel rooms glued to the TV, the city is finally yours.
  6. Go grocery shopping. No one to elbow you over the last jar of cookie butter at Trader Joe’s.


Photo Credit: Chicago Reader