5 ‘Grams to Inspire Your Outerwear Game

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Winter is not for the faint of heart. Or the ill prepared. Or for those who are resigned to complain about the freezing temps and that nasty sidewalk slush until it all starts to melt. But if you let the weather get you down, you’re overlooking a key aspect of the season: outerwear’s ability to elevate your style.

Sure, you can consider your outermost layer an afterthought to the rest of your look. Or, you can take a cue from these five stylish Instagrammers on how to not only survive the season but do it without sacrificing style.

@joeylondonstyle: Down to keep you warm, faux-fur-trimmed hood to keep you warmer.

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@ejsamson: We’ve never met a camel jacket we didn’t like. Trust us: It works even when you’re in less architecturally stunning locales.

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@guerreisms: The hat. The coat. The watch. All of it, please.

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@levitatestyle: Popped collars are a must on those days when it’s snowing sideways.

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@mr.rutherford: And now, a lesson on the magic of monochromic dressing, wherein even your specs match the rest of the look.

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Image Credits: @joeylondonstyle@ejsamson@guerreisms@levitatestyle and @mr.rutherford