The New Way to Brew


You know that saying that everything comes full circle? Well, it applies to beer, too. Way back when our country’s first settlers were trying to unwind after a rough day at the blacksmith, they sipped beer fermented with the ingredients they had on hand: flowers, herbs, bark, and spices. Now that brewing method—called botanic brewing—is getting a second life. Don’t be freaked you’ll have tree bark in your beer, but do be blown away by the flavorful result. Here are three beer makers around the country who are pioneering the back-again trend.

Forbidden Root: Chicago’s first botanic brewery opened in early 2016 and serves up crazy-unique beers like the Cherrytree Amaro Ale, with flavors coming from cherry stems, spices, and citrus.



Left Hand Brewing Company: The well-known Colorado-based brewery’s seasonal Good Juju features a refreshing ginger kick that’s about as far as you can get from a Bud Light.



City Built Brewing Co.: The brewery is set to open any day now in Grand Rapids, Michigan (appropriately nicknamed Beer City U.S.A.). They’ve refreshed traditional beer recipes and made them ripe for 2016, and you’ll wanna order yours alongside Puerto Rican-inspired snacks.





Photo Credit: Forbidden Root, Beer Pulse and