What We’re Doing: November



Here’s what’s buzzing right now.

Listen: “Starboy” by The Weeknd

Just when you got “Can’t Feel My Face” out of your head, The Weeknd does it again. His catchy new song is called “Starboy,” as is the album that’ll come out November 25. Can’t wait? Your impatience will be rewarded at the Starboy pop-up shops going down the weekend of November 4. Check out his site for more details.



Read: “My Own Words” by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Notorious R.B.G. memes have shown the millennial crowd just how badass the Supreme Court Justice is. If her 23 years on the bench don’t impress you, read the editorial about a U.N. charter that she wrote in EIGTH GRADE. That’s just one of the pieces included in this collection of speeches and writings, but really all the proof we need that R.B.G. was born for a seat in the highest court.



Download: “How I Built This” from NPR

It’ll make your morning commute a little more inspiring. Guy Raz interviews game-changing entrepreneurs behind brands like Clif Bar, Spanx, and Instagram. Anyone who’s been curious about how lofty ideas become full-fledged companies should listen in—the Airbnb episode is a great place to start.


Watch: “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner”

It sounds like the start of an SNL skit, but this is for real: Martha Stewart and D-O-double-G himself are teaming up for a cooking show on VH1. In each ep, other famous faces like 50 Cent and Seth Rogen drop by to cook with what has to be the world’s least-expected duo. Turn it into a game and drink every time Martha says “fo’ shizzle.”




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