What’s Your Sock Personality?


If you listen to one thing we say, let it be that your sock situation requires a refresh every 3 to 4 months (you’ll thank us for it). Now this doesn’t mean a total overhaul, but it does mean you should ditch the worn-down guys for shiny new ones.

Ever wondered what your sock drawer says about you?

You’ve mastered a way to push the envelope, without standing out too much.

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No stranger to seersucker, your weeks are spent deskside (while wishing you were seaside). Ahoy, capt’n.

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You’re what one might classify as traditional, and you take the chance to show off your socks by kicking your feet up on the desk.

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Polka Dots:
You have an appreciation for all things bold—and let us guess, outdressing your coworkers comes naturally?

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Keeping things classic is your M.O. A solid pair of socks can handle just about anything, so you life by the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

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All The Socks:
You like to keep your options open (or you have commitment issues)—either way, we’re not judging.

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