How To: Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


The only thing that’ll take that bright shining day outside to another level is sunglasses that fit you to a T. Here’s how to find that elusive pair.

If your face is oval like Jude Law’s, try… 


The Sasha Sunglasses from Saturdays NYC. Saturdays NYC’s just-launched sunglass collection has the retro, slightly square option that works best on your mug.



If your face is round like Kanye West’s, try… 


Salt’s Roy Sunglasses from Nordstrom. The name of the game is to find a sunglass style that’s opposite your face shape. Round face? Square frames. Like these, which offset your full cheeks.



If your face is oblong shaped like Adam Levine’s, try… 
Screen-Shot-2016-08-22-at-3.36.58-PMAldous from Warby Parker. Your noggin’s longer than it is wide, so choose a similarly wide frame like these Warby Parker stunners.



If your face is square like Brad Pitt’s, try… 


Raen’s Optics Squire Sunglass from Revolve ManContrast your broad forehead and strong jawline with this round, tortoise style.




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