5 Incredible Food Options at Baseball Stadiums Around the Country


Should you be tempted to order something other than a classic hot dog at your next ball game (hey, it could happen), these are the next best things. Just be sure to eat ‘em soon. Because not every team can make it till October. 

Ahi Poke Tacos at Petco Park

Last year, you didn’t know what poke was, and now you can’t quit it. Sure, you’ll probably find better quality fish elsewhere in San Diego (as in, not a baseball stadium), but this one makes the list for being on trend and a solid option if you’re not feeling grease.



Crab Chipper at Camden Yards

Consider it nachos done up Baltimore style: Kettle chips are topped with crabmeat, cheddar cheese sauce, and a healthy sprinkling of Old Bay to remind you where you are.



Sweet Potato Waffle Chicken Sandwich at Minute Maid Park

Waffles can do more than soak up syrup on Saturday mornings. The Houston Astros use their sweet potato version to hold together chicken breast, Greek yogurt, tomatoes, and spinach.



The Burgerizza at Turner Field

The burger/pizza mash up takes a 20-ounce patty, five slices of melty Cheddar, and bacon and puts it on a “bun” that’s really just two personal-sized pepperoni pizzas. Yes, really. The Atlanta stadium has gone where you haven’t had the guts to go before.



Fresh Produce at AT&T Park

The healthy West Coasters planted a full-fledged garden behind the Giants’ centerfield wall. The goods are served on top of flatbreads, packed into smoothies and juices, and in salads. It may not seem like it, but we promise you, this is still a baseball game and not Alice Waters’s backyard.



Image Credits: Twitter Account @HenryD41, Chron.com, DiscoverSD.com, WashingtonPost.com