What We’re Doing: March


With the looming promise of warmer weather, we’re more than happy to welcome the month of March with open arms. Get up to speed on what you should be reading, listening to, celebrating and more.

Read:The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge” by Michael Punke
Not new, but in the spotlight now, the 2002 novel is based on the real-life story of outdoorsman Hugh Glass. When he’s mauled by a bear and the two guys who were supposed to stay by his side ditch him, his pursuit for revenge begins. Further solidifying why now’s the time to read: Leo finally won an Oscar for portraying Glass in the film adaptation last month.



Watch: “Party Over Here”
You’ve loved The Lonely Island since their “Dick in a Box” days. Check out their new sketch comedy show—sadly not starring Andy Sandberg and Co., but they’ll be behind the scenes as executive producers. Catch it late Saturday nights on Fox starting March 12.


Download: Quartz 
There’s no worse feeling than being in back to back meetings only to come back to reality having missed some big news. Enter Quartz. It texts you news headlines, so you never miss a scoop. You can then choose to dive in a bit deeper for the full story if it piques your interest.



Listen: “iii” by Miike Snow
Your ear buds have been missing the dance beats from the Swedish pop group. Their last album was a full four years ago, meaning it’s high time to see what they’ve got on their third studio album. They’re calling it their most creatively unified album yet, and if “Genghis Khan” is any indication, we’re ready to hear more.


Celebrate: St. Patrick’s Day
Anyone else’s iPhone autocorrect St. Patty’s to St. Party’s? We’d put in an official complaint over at Apply HQ, but it makes perfect sense to us.




Image Credits: LitReactor.com, Wired.com, Telegraph.co.uk