5 Non-Cheesy Valentines


Standing in the card aisle at Walgreen’s minutes before your Valentine’s Day date is your worst nightmare, yes? We’re here to show you dreams do come true. Check out these five untraditional cards that cut the lovey-dovey crap but still show your affection.

For a card that gets to the point, fast. Ladyfingers Letterpress, $5




For the one you can’t stop checking out. Papyrus, $5.95




For the hipster love pair. Holeinmypocket, $6.20




For the lady you eat pasta with every other night. Greenwich Letterpress, $5.75




For the one you just started seeing—but are totally into. Egg Press, $6

Egg Press




Photo Credits: EggPress.com, Etsy.com, GreenwichLetterpress.com, PapyrusOnline.com and LadyfingersLetterpress.com