4 Stylish Collaborations We’re Stoked About


With each new season comes a new batch of killer style collaborations. These are the four that rise to the top right now.  

1) J.Crew + North Face: North Face debuted its mountain jacket back in 1985. Thirty years later, J.Crew resurfaces it in a waterproof and breathable material, alpine details, and two retro colors.

2) GQ for Gap: It’s easy to stroll through Gap and ID the pieces with GQ’s seal of approval. The garment-dyed joggers, screen-printed crewneck sweatshirt, and an Aztec motif cardigan could only be the result of the best names in fashion designing for the every man crowd.

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3) Uniqlo + Lemaire: What happens when you combine the Japanese brand with the sensibility of a French label? Practical, well-designed basics at prices you can actually afford. The line originally hit in October and was so popular they’re offering a re-release.

4) J.Crew + Jimmy Fallon: As the story goes, staffers on “The Tonight Show” stashed their iPhones in their blazer pockets, where every well-dressed gentleman knows a pocket square should be. Being the style enthusiast that he is, Fallon pitched the idea of putting a pocket square on top of an iPhone case to solve the problem, and J.Crew jumped on board to create it. Problem solved.






Photo Credit: JCrew.com, Uniqlo.com, Gap.com, Freepik.com