Our Go-To Chili Recipe


Drew Magary’s your go-to expert on football, parenting, and answering life’s big questions, like “if you can only have one, are you choosing a toaster or a toaster oven?” His other area of undisputed expertise: chili. Since his chili recipe was first posted on Deadspin back in 2012, we’ve adopted it as our own (and you can too).

Cooking chili plays into Magary’s Super Bowl Sunday ritual. We’re believers that it tastes just as good on an average October Sunday watching two mediocre teams go head to head.


Possibly our favorite part is the recipe’s written for the real guy. When it calls for ground beef, Magary says to “make sure it’s the fatty percentage.” And tips like “dip in a chip to see if the chili sticks to it. If it does, it’s ready to serve.” is language we just get.


Find the full recipe here. Warning: Your apartment may smell like chili for the next six weeks. That’s not a bad thing.



Photo credit: Noshon.it