What We’re Doing In November


Yo, November

Spoiler alert: There’s more than just turkey happening this month.

Ellie Goulding “Delirium”

The British star swore she’d never write another love song. But then she realized that’s kind of her thing. Check out her latest batch of “heartbreaking but uplifting” tunes (her words, not ours) on her third album, “Delirium,” which will be released November 6.


Watch: “Spotlight”

Uplifting, this is not. But it’s already snagged a few film festival awards. The drama-thriller film tells the story of The Boston Globe’s coverage of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, and Michael Keaton are among the star-heavy cast of reporters. Sounds a little like we have another “All the President’s Men” on our hands, right?



Download: Pause

Technology is making us crazy. Technology is making us healthy. Wait, what? An app called Pause puts the “technology is bad for you” myths to rest. You’ll relax, zone out, and destress as you move your finger slowly around your phone’s screen. It’s like a brain vacation.



Read: Playboy

Last month the magazine announced it would no longer feature nude photos. That frees up a whole lot of space for solid storytelling—which they’ve actually been doing all along, but you may have been a little distracted. Get up to speed by reading a March 2015 story about how one Michigan farmer made $4 million smuggling Pez into the U.S.


Celebrate: Thanksgiving

You know those jeans you love that have with a little stretch? Those are the ones to wear.



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