What We’re Doing in October


The Tie Bar presents five things to do this month—and not one involves pumpkin spice. Take a look.

Listen: T.I. “The Dime Trap”
You’ve got two weeks to brush up on what T.I.’s been up to lately. Start by listening to 2014’s “Paperwork,” the first in a trilogy of albums. Part two, “The Dime Trap,” comes out October 10th. It’s urban and edgy, and reminiscent of T.I. from his “Trap Muzik” days.

Watch: “The Martian”
Remember the Andy Weir book we told you about a few months back? The story is hitting the big screen on October 2, starring Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, and Kristen Wiig. You’ll see Damon as Astronaut Mark Watney, who lands on Mars after an aborted NASA mission leaves him stranded. With no way to contact Earth and supplies to last him only one month, he relies on ingenuity to attempt survival.


Download: Robinhood
When the financial-trading app first launched late last year, its waitlist was one million people long. Now, the wait is over: Only a four-minute download stands between you and your (free!) tool to buy and sell stocks. We love it for its sleek design. It was the first financial product to win an Apple Design award.

Read: “Purity” by Jonathan Franzen
Truth be told, we haven’t read the author’s 2001 novel “The Corrections.” But we’ve heard the phrase “great American novelist” dropped before Franzen’s name, so his latest is on our list. The plot follows Pip as she travels to South America to intern for Andreas Wolf, a Julian Assange-type hacker. She’s looking to tap into hacking resources to learn about the father she never met, but she ends up tangled in a web of crime and complex relationships.


Celebrate: Halloween
Get ready for the big day by enlisting some of your favorite accessories to create the ultimate costume.



Image credits: Blogs.IndieWire.com, NPR.org