Three Reasons You Should Try a Knit Tie


Your no-tie summer look is about to expire. One way to get excited about dressing up again: Switch up your tie game with a knit tie. Here’s why we love ’em.

Texture First

Without getting too poetic on you, fall is all about texture. Crunchy leaves underfoot. Thick, wool blazers making their way back into your work wardrobe. A knit tie plays here too. It adds texture that fits the season.

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Stand Out

Look around your office today, and chances are it’s not lacking in silk ties. Which compliment do you want from your cube mate: “Hey man, I think I have that same tie at home,” or “Woah, who invited Mr. GQ to the office today?” We thought so.

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Dressed Up (But Not Too Dressed Up)

Few pieces in closet take your look up a notch while still keeping things as casual as you want them to be. The knit tie is one of those. And maybe the cardigan, but we’re open to debating here.

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