The Only Jacket You Need For Fall


After a summer full of festivals, rooftops and road trips, chances are your bank account’s a little deflated. As you head into the new season, would you believe us if we said there’s only one jacket you need to own for fall? Well, read up (and save your bank account from further damage).

Fall Essential: The Checked Sport Coat

A new season doesn’t require a whole new wardrobe. In fact, there are only a few essentials every man needs this fall, and perhaps the most important is a checked sport coat. It’s appropriate for almost any occasion. The formal silhouette means you’ll never be underdressed, but the checked pattern says you don’t take yourself too seriously. And every guy can wear one because no matter your size, there’s a pattern that will look flattering on you. Choose taller checks for a slimming effect, and square checks with thicker lines to make a slim body appear fuller.

How to Wear One

Wear a sport coat the way you would any other fall jacket—with a dress shirt and wool trousers to work, dark denim and button-up to dinner, or even a T-shirt and jeans on a night out. Just be sure to get it tailored. The jacket should hug your chest snugly, and your sleeves should end at the crook of your wrist so a quarter-inch of your shirt peeks out. And remember to remove the strings that hold the pockets and vents together on a new jacket. We’re huge fans of these three, hitting different price points for any budget.

Tommy Hilfiger: $295



Bonobos: $395



Freemans Sporting Club: $995




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