What We’re Doing in September


Get a glimpse at how we’re keeping busy and not acknowledging that summer has slipped away.

Listen: Ben Folds “So There”

With Ben Folds’ latest album, you’ll hear the familiar voice that coached you through high school. But a few things have changed. He’s no longer Ben Folds Five for one (Folds went solo in 2008). Second, the instruments are pretty high brow. The eight songs on this album, which drops September 11, feature yMusic Ensemble and the Nashville Symphony for a sound Folds is calling “chamber rock.”



Watch: Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” Debut

The late night game is switching up, and if you spent the last bit of summer mourning the end of “The Daily Show,” consider Stephen Colbert’s debut on the “Late Show” a legit reason to go to sleep a little later. The first episode, which will air September 8, already has a star-studded lineup, with George Clooney and Kendrick Lamar among those slated to be on deck.



Download: Gallery Doctor

Ever try to take a photo on your iPhone only to see the annoying error “Camera Roll Full?” We’ve been there too. So when we heard about Gallery Doctor and its promise to clean up our photos without losing memories, we downloaded. The app scans your photos to spot which you can live without—duplicates, burry ones, and Instagram rejects. You can press delete in one fell swoop.


Read:The Next Next Level” by Leon Neyfakh

He’s not a rap superstar yet, but Juiceboxxx has had his fair share of experience in the music game. The real story here though is about the friendship between Juiceboxxx and the book’s author and their pursuits of success. For Juiceboxxx, it’s been a long road guided by a solid commitment to making it to the next, next level. Follow up the 170-page book by YouTubing Juiceboxxx’s “Walking in Milwaukee.”



Celebrate: Labor Day

More specifically: Celebrate you. Yes, you, Mr. 24/7 slave to your work email. Take a break on Monday, September 7, and rest your eyes on the day’s responsibilities: that grill and that pool.


Photo Credits: RecordStoreDay.com, Gas2.org, Blog.WarbyParker.com