5 Spring Trends You Should Buy Into


We’d never advise going head-to-toe trendy—The Tie Bar guy isn’t one to peacock—but incorporating one trend into an otherwise simple look is usually all it takes to make an outfit fresh. We’re not about to advise you to try the pleated, high-waisted work pants that made their way down the runway, but there are some doable trends worth adopting. Here are five, plus a recommendation on what to buy to fill in the gaps of your spring wardrobe.

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6 Things To Do February 5 That Don’t Involve the Super Bowl


Football viewership plummeted this year. Maybe it was because we were all distracted by who’d take office on January 20. Or maybe we were just over the concussion-causing sport. Either way, we’d venture a guess at what you’re not doing on February 5 (that’s Super Bowl Sunday for those who’ve really lost touch with America’s favorite pastime). Here, a few ideas of what to do instead.

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